RPTH 2015 Trip Leader Survey

By filling out this form, you'll help RPTH staff be able to set you up with some great RPTH survey trips this year!  If you don't know some of your answers yet, it's no problem - we can work with you one-on-one to get the right survey for you!
* indicates required
Where do you live? If multiple residences, list both
Choose your Chapter. If not a Chapter Member, choose "None"
If there's any particular area you'd like to visit this year, please list it. It can be general (e.g., high Northern Sierra) or specific (e.g., Redwood National Park)
List any plant groups, familes, genera, or species that you are interested in. If you'd like to search for a CNPS high-priority plant, list it here.
Are you interested in collecting specimens to better document your rare plant surveys? If so, we can assists with acquiring the necessary permits.
List the months are you free to lead trips? This helps us figure out which plants will be blooming at that time.
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